M4x0.7MM Fork Air Bleeder Relief Valve For KTM 50 65 85 105 125 144 150 200 250 SX XC EXC XCW MXC SXF SX-F XCFW XCF-W

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Motocross Air Pressure Bleeder Valve Set. The Micro Bleeders are designed for KTM / HUSKY / WP or Marzocchi forks with a M4x0.7 air bleed screws in the fork cap.
Specification & Features:
-- Condition: 100% Brand New
-- Qty: 1x Pair Fork Air Bleeder
-- Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
-- Color: As Picture Shown
-- Botl Size: M4x0.7 Pitch
-- One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks
-- Allows bleeding of air pressure without tools
-- Reduces harshness caused by air build-up
-- CNC-machined anodized aluminum press buttom
-- Stainless steel body is stronger and will not corrode
-- Easy install, Simply replace the OEM bleeder screw
-- Sold in pairs
For use on KTM, HUSKY, WP, Marzocchi, Olins and Paioli Forks with a M4x0.7mm air bleed screw in the fork cap.  Fits For most Euro Off-Road Motorbikes, For Husqvarna, For KTM, For BMW, For Beta, For Gas Gas etc.
Will also fits For Husabergs with WP forks with 4mm thread \'98-\'12 (Husabergs can take 4mm or 5mm thread bleeders pays to remove and check genuine thread in forks).
For KTM   50SX 1994-2015
For KTM   50SX Pro Jr. 1997-2008
For KTM   50SX Pro Sr. 1997-2008
For KTM   50SX MINI 2012-2015
For KTM   65SX 1998-2015
For KTM   65XC 2008-2009
For KTM   85SX 2003-2015
For KTM   85XC 2008-2009
For KTM   105SX 2004-2011
For KTM   105XC 2008-2009
For KTM   125EXC 1990-2005
For KTM   125SX 1993-2013
For KTM   144SX 2007-2008
For KTM   150SX 2009-2013
For KTM   150XC 2010-2012
For KTM   200EXC 1998-2005
For KTM   200MXC 1998-2003
For KTM   200SX 2003-2004
For KTM   200XC 2006-2009
For KTM   200XCW 2006-2015
For KTM   250EXC 1990-2005
For KTM   250EXC-RFS 2002-2006
For KTM   250MXC 1995-2003
For KTM   250SX 1993-2013
For KTM   250SXF 2005-2013
For KTM   250XC 2006-2013
For KTM   250XCF 2007-2013
For KTM   250XCFW 2006-2015
For KTM   250XCW 2006-2015
For KTM   300EXC 1990-2005
For KTM   300MXC 1993-2005
For KTM   300XCW 2006-2015
For KTM   350EXCF 2012-2015
For KTM   350SXF 2011-2012
For KTM   350XCF 2011-2012
For KTM   350XCFW 2012-2015
For KTM   360EXC 1996-1997
For KTM   360MXC 1996-1997
For KTM   360SX 1996-1997
For KTM   380EXC 1998-2002
For KTM   380MXC 1998-2002
For KTM   380SX 1998-2002
For KTM   400EXC 2000-2007
For KTM   400MXC 2000-2002
For KTM   400RXC 1991-1999
For KTM   400SC 1991-1999
For KTM   400SX 2000-2002
For KTM   400XCW 2007-2010
For KTM   450EXC 2003-2011
For KTM   450MXC 2003-2005
For KTM   450SMR 2012-2012
For KTM   450SX 2003-2006
For KTM   450SXF 2007-2012
For KTM   450XC 2006-2007
For KTM   450XCF 2008-2009, 2013
For KTM   450XCW 2008-2015
For KTM   500EXC 2012-2015
For KTM   500XCW 2012-2015
For KTM   505SXF 2008-2008
For KTM   505XCF 2008-2009
For KTM   520EXC 2000-2002
For KTM   520MXC 2000-2002
For KTM   520SX 2000-2002
For KTM   525EXC 2003-2007
For KTM   525MXC 2003-2005
For KTM   525SX 2003-2006
For KTM   525XC 2006-2008
For KTM   530EXC 2008-2011
For KTM   530XCW 2008-2011
For KTM   550MXC 1993-2006
For KTM   620SX 1997-1999
For KTM   620XCE 1997-1998
For KTM   625SXC 2003-2004
For KTM   640 Adventure 2007
For KTM   660 SMC 2004
For KTM   690 Enduro 2008-2009
For KTM   690 Enduro R 2009-2010,2012-2013
For KTM   690 SMC 2008-2009
For KTM   690 Supermoto 2007-2009
For KTM   950 Adventure 2003-2007
For KTM   950 Adventure S 2003-2006
For KTM   950 Super Enduro 2007
For KTM   950 Super Enduro R 2008-2009
For KTM   950 Supermoto 2005-2007
For KTM   950 Supermoto R 2006-2007
For KTM   990 Adventure 2007-2009,2012
For KTM   990 Adventure R 2009,2011-2012
For KTM   990 Adventure S 2007-2009
For KTM   990 Supermoto T 2012

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